5 advices how to find a perfect job


Everyone of us dreams of a perfect job. Unfortunately it is not always easy to find and get one. After sending tons of resumes, making hundreds of phone calls, going to constant interviews, there is a possibility that you won’t get the job and face rejection. This, in turn, can affect your self-confidence. Just visiting interviews and sending CVs can lead to wasting many opportunities. Therefore, you’ll possibly need a well-thought-out strategy.

Figure out your dream job priorities

Define what is really important for you: working hours, rank or salary. When you know exactly what you’d like to get from your future job, it will be much easier to choose from the options.

Write a list

 As soon as you have figured out your priorities, use them while looking for a job and write a list. Having written available jobs down, you’ll see how easy it is to organize and follow the jobs.


Study the descriptions of jobs thoroughly

While looking for your dream job it is better for you to study the job descriptions, although it make take some time. By doing so you will know for sure what job will fit your experience, education, talents. Therefore, you won’t waste time on wrong jobs and can pay more attention to other suitable vacancies.

Devote time on writing your resume and write a covering letter

 A well-written covering letter and resume can do a good job of introducing you to the potential employer and proving that you are the most suitable candidate for the job. It is also better to write several versions of your resume and covering letter.

Be active

Spend some time visiting seminars, various lectures or themed events. Here you can not only gain knowledge and experience, but also meet new people and gather information about opportunities and available jobs.   And remember: while looking for a dream job remain patient and collected. It may take even a few years to find the perfect job that will make you happy.

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