If you had a bad day…


Every one of us has days when each thing goes terribly wrong from the very early: the coffee is spilled, the car keys are locked in the car and on top of that, you are late for work. By 9 a.m. you already know that you are going to have a bad day and there’s almost no chance that something will drastically change. Does it ring a bell? Be careful! The pattern of negative thinking that is created when something goes not as it has been planned can turn into a lasting self-fulfilling prophecy. Such cycle will be very hard to break. Leaving everything as it is, you are at risk of long-term depression and unhappiness. Tips of getting through a bad day:

Identify Your Thinking

A couple of unlucky incidents can be easily taken as a bad day sign. As long as you think that way, you won’t accept any other alternative and this day will definitely be bad. It will be not easy but do make an effort and identify the way you are thinking. Are the thoughts negative? Also pay attention to your physical condition. Clenched jaw, furrowed brows and tensed muscles are the physical indicator of breeding negativity. In case you have noticed all these signs, take a deep breath and relax your muscles. There will be a noticeable difference.

Take Into Consideration Your Feelings.

Negative thinking can be the main reason of negative emotions. In moments when you find yourself thinking negatively, apathy, irritation, sadness, frustration, fury have a chance to consume you fully. Leaving you a complete wreck, these emotions and feelings can push satisfaction and happiness away from you. Try to understand what you feel. When you identify your feelings and emotions, you get to control them and not vice versa. The moment you recognize your feelings, start acting. [xyz-ihs snippet="mgid-teaser-1x1-in-header"]

Recognize Your Behavior

When you have decided that this is going to be a bad day, you will definitely anticipate all your plans to fail. How does it concern your behavior? You’ll surely be irritated with everyone and everything you see, walk in a jumpy manner, talk aggressively. If you have recognized such behavior, then you’d better stop. Inhale deeply and identify your way of thinking. After thinking about your emotions, try everything you can to change them. And your behavior will also change. Positive effects can be reached, when you make an effort to be sweet, say something nice or even force a smile. Moreover, when acting kind, a person gets a rush of endorphins that helps to think positively. Thus, by changing your attitude towards others and being positive (even through force) you can change you negative thoughts.

Start again

Inhale deeply and start from the beginning. Make a new cup of tea or coffee and think about positive things that surround you. Smile to yourself and go forward. Remember, that a couple of unpleasant moments should not make up your day. Do not give these moments the power to darken your day or whole week.

Talk To Someone, When Everything Fails

Find somebody to talk to, when you are having hard times. If you couldn’t pull yourself together, an advice or support from a trusted person will be very helpful. A member of your family or a good friend will easily understand your feelings.

Having a bad day is common and can happen to everyone. Unfortunately, it can lead to thinking negatively all the time. The main goal is to avoid it and the above-mentioned advices will surely help you.  

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