7 Reasons to Get Enough Sleep

Sleep improves your memory

Your brain consolidates new information into long-term memory while you sleep. Therefore, sleep is very important for learning. If you pass an exam, sleep enough instead of cramming all night!

Sleep cleans your brain

Brain's waste removal system is activated during sleep. Cerebrospinal fluid circulates faster through the brain and washes away harmful toxins and proteins, which cause Alzheimer's and dementia.

Sleep is important for mental health

According to research, poor sleep leads to depressions and increases probability of abnormal behaviors. So, get enough sleep every night!

Sleep helps you lose weight

The body needs enough sleep to function properly. Lack of sleep causes high level of Ghrelin, the "hunger hormone”. This explains why we are so deeply drawn to bread and donuts, when we sleep less than 7 hours.

Sleep improves motor skills

During REM sleep, brain consolidates memories learned from physical practice and strengthens motor skills. So if you want to drive, dance or play football better, sleep longer. Thanks to good night's sleep you will perform learned movements automatically.

Sleep maximizes your decision-making ability

If you are torn between two choices, get enough sleep. During sleep, brain processes complex information and solve difficult problems. Therefore, it will be much easier to make a decision after you fully wake up.

Sleep can make you more creative

UC Berkeley researchers conducted an experiment and proved, that sleep enhances creativity. During REM sleep brain forms new associations and solves creative problems. After a sleep, experiment participants were 33 percent more likely to found creative solutions.

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