The 5 most expensive hobbies in the world


While some of us spend time cooking a barbecue with friends, others do more exotic things. Rich people really choose unusual activities that the average person can't afford and you might have never heard about some of them before. Here is the list of hobbies that rich people prefer.


Sipping champagne and observing magnificent views on a luxury yacht somewhere in the sea is a dream of many people. However, this «dream» is ordinary for rich people but not for the rest.

Yachting is a very «expensive» hobby. The cost of owning a yacht is quite high —about $800 million. Hiring one is also expensive — around $5,000 per day. But if you are obsessed about yachting, you can join any yacht club or attend big events, for example, Volvo Ocean Race held in Dubai every year.


If you prefer extreme outdoor activities, you can try kitesurfing. In case you go kitesurfing quite often, you will need to buy some equipment which is not cheap. Thus, this exotic hobby can set you back a lot. The founder of Virgin Group, billionaire Richard Branson is fond of kitesurfing. He goes kitesurfing near Necker Island which he bought in 2002.


Rich people like comfort and luxury. No wonder they book tickets only on ultra-luxurious first-class airplanes with all possible in-flight entertainment. But there are some of them who don't need these luxuries. For example, John Travolta doesn't want to be a passenger, he prefers to be a driver of an airplane. Of course, it costs much more. You will need $100,000 to attend basic aviation classes. Buying and maintaining of an airplane will also entail heavy expenses.

Exotic Pets

Some wealthy people might haven't been to the zoo for ages. They don't need to look at exotic animals like lions, tigers, lemurs, pigs. They have a possibility to keep them at home. For example, Mike Tyson has bought three Bengal tigers! Undoubtedly, you need to be super rich to pay for acquiring exotic pets and getting a license to keep them. The care and feeding of such pets are also not cheap.

Unusual Sports

The majority of people enjoy common sports — baseball, basketball, football. But rich people choose unusual sports. For example, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spends his free time playing Segway Polo. It is similar to horse polo, but in this sport, players should ride on a Segway. Steve Wozniak owns a team. The players took part in Segway World Championship in Germany.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has an addiction to skating, gymnastics and even high-flying trapeze. He attended classes to learn to fly through the air on the flying trapeze at a circus training center. These classes inspired him to keep developing his skills. He took trapeze classes for advanced in New York where he is one of the best classmates.


Rich people can buy whatever they want, travel wherever they prefer, even they have uncommon hobbies. What is your point about their hobbies?

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