To be happy make 14 tiny changes

How to

Every one of us wants to be truly happy. Below you will find 14 simple and absolutely free things you need to do.

Express Your Love Every Day

Material things won’t make you happy. A new gadget won’t be popular in a year, but people around are always important. Take it as a rule every day to tell someone you are close with that you really love him or her.

Learn To Forgive

Unfortunately, people sometimes harm and hurt each other and it is so easy to hold on to grudge. But you will feel free and happy if you forgive these people. Just let it go!

Have No Regrets

A bad experience is also an experience. Don’t have regrets about things you’ve done. The past cannot be changed, but you can learn from your mistakes.


Everyday open a random Wikipedia page and read an article or go to Memrise. Learning can be fun and thus you can open yourself to brand new ideas.

Notice Every Small Positive Thing

Clear your mind of your problems and look how wonderful this world can be. A delicious cup of tea, silly joke, warm wind, etc. – these are the things that make our life beautiful.

Be Nice Towards Others

Offer coffee to your colleague, give flowers to your mother, do some charity. There is nothing better than to see people smiling because of you.

Please Yourself

Find time to pamper yourself: go shopping, watch a movie, read a book. Even 5-10 minutes just for yourself will mean a lot.

Look Forward to Something

Have something in your future that gives you pleasant shivers: a trip, a holiday, a concert, a party or even a cozy evening with a book at home.

Don’t Bother

You can’t control everything, so just relax. Of course, if you have debts, you have to solve it somehow. But economy, prices, weather, etc. aren’t the things we can influence. According to a research, 85% our worries do not happen. A good advice would be not to bother about everything.

Disable Your Internet For One Night Per Week

Social networks are fun and interesting, but unfortunately, they consume a lot of our time. So once a week put your phone aside, switch off your laptop and spend time with the ones you love. Play a game, talk, make joint plans.

Don’t Forget Old Friends

Talking in Facebook from time to time isn’t enough to keep a strong friendship. Pick up your phone, call your old friend, meet somewhere, laugh and remember good times.

Keep Fit

Regular sports make a person calm, confident, happy and healthy. Even a 5-minute exercise a day will be enough. Your body is your temple, so take care of it.

Get Enough Sleep

According to a recent study, it is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours every night. A good sleep improves memory, stamina, attention, lowers stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Be Closer To Nature

Various researches prove that people, who spend a lot of time outside, are happier and calmer. You are very lucky if you leave in a country. However, if you reside in a city, go to a park or a riverside. Our world is beautiful, so go out and enjoy it!

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