Crazy Facts About Human Attraction


Can you explain why some people attract you? Does it really depend on how stylish, successful and physically fit they are? Do you exactly know what makes people find you attractive? Surprising answers on these topical questions you can read below.

We are Narcissus

You can certainly describe a type of person which is most attracted to you. But how do we know what our beloved should look like, even before entering into relationships? The answer sounds strange: we obtain this information from mirrors... Well, this is a little crazy, but we are really attracted to people who are just like us. It was recently proven by St. Andrews University researches. During their experiment, several hundred photos of students were photoshopped to look like the opposite sex. The students were asked to select a photo of the most attractive person. It’s amazing, but the majority of the students chose the photoshopped photo of themselves! They didn’t notice anything familiar. Like Narcissus, they just were attracted by their own images!

Parents affect our choice of partner

However, we often fall in love with ones, who are totally different from us. The reason for this is that we prefer partners, who are similar to our opposite-sex parent. A women are attracted to a man, who looks like her father, while a man attracted to a woman who reminds him of his mother. Of course, this doesn’t mean that people feel a sexual attraction towards their parents! All of us are just looking for a type of person, who, as we know from our childhood, can play a big positive role in our lives.

Hourglass figures are most eye-catching

Women with hourglass figures, such as Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Alba, are the most attractive for men. Waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 is considered to be the ideal shape. This is not just a fashion thing. In fact, this shape is a strong indicator of good reproductive capabilities.

The “pill” affects attraction

It is widely known that hormones have a strong influence on women’s mood and preferences. For example, during ovulation, women are more attracted to masculine mates, who can confer genetic benefits on offspring. Oral contraceptives are a medicine with hormones. Therefore, a woman on the pills may change her taste in men.

Wearing red makes women more attractive

Red is very sensual and sexy color. It's been scientifically proven that women who are wearing red have a better chance to attract potential partners. However, red clothes cause only sexually desire. Even a very beautiful red dress cannot affect men’s opinion about a woman’s intelligence and talents.

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