How to Cope With Annoying Coworkers

How to

Almost every person has a coworker whom, to put it mildly, he or she does not like. These feelings prevent people from productive work and even from peaceful life in general. In order to not turn your irritation into a serious problem, you should start working on relationships with colleagues right now!

Figure out the reason of your irritation

First of all, you should figure out why you dislike your colleague. Ask yourself if there is an objective reason for conflict. Annoyance is often a way to distract yourself from the problems you don’t want to think about. For example, a quarrel with relatives could be an excellent excuse to anger at work. Undoubtedly, it may be that the only reason of your irritation is your coworker’s specific behavior. Anyway you can’t fix something until you don’t know what you are fixing.

Discuss the problem with your coworker

Often the thing annoying us is what we are embarrassed to talk about. For example your coworker wears too much cologne or perfume. However, some people have a dull sense of smell and don’t understand how much toilet water they have poured on themselves. The point is that people irritate each other unintentionally. Therefore, you should tell your coworker what's bothering you and discuss this privately to avoid public embarrassment. Don’t accuse or blame. Just focus on your colleague’ behavior, not your attitude to it.

Concentrate at work

The best way to cope with irritability at work is to start working. We spend so much time and energy thinking about coworkers who drives us crazy, that we forget about the main purpose of our stay in the office! Switch off the outside world and immerse yourself in the work. Be too busy to interact with your annoying coworker. This way, you will reduce his or her impact to you personally.

Change your behavior

You may discover that even with reducing your contact, your communication is still unproductive. In this case you need to make a plan to change this uncomfortable situation. Start with yourself first, because actually you can control only what you do. Can you change how you respond? Can you make your coworker behave differently? Have you tried all possible ways? There are probably still actions you can make that will help.

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