Best Ways To Waste Your Time Online

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In this day and age, everyone's always connected to the Internet. Some people just cannot live without their mobile devices, some get bored easily. If you are bored right now, you need to up your time-wasting game. In this brief article, we are talking about some of the best ways to waste your time online.

Google Hijinks There are several searches that will get you get some fun results. Try typing "do a barrel roll", for example. Believe it or not, Google has a ton of hidden features AND a great sense of humor.

Online Gaming and Online Gambling Huge disclaimer: gambling is insanely addictive, so if you know you get addicted easily, avoid it like plague. Online gaming, on the other hand, is pretty harmless. Unlike PC/console gaming it's no riddled with micro-transactions and competitiveness. You can enjoy a fun game of Black Jack or Red Flush or slots once in a while. It's just plain fun.

best ways to waste your time online

Social Media This one needs no introduction. Everyone's guilty on mindless social media scrolling. You do get to see some fun pictures from your friends' holidays or something. Maybe your ex got fat and ugly, that's also uplifting.

Fail Videos Do people say FAIL? OWND? PWND? Anywho, watching fail videos is an incredible way to waste your time. You get to see so many random people (and animals) fail in the most epic way. It's mesmerizing, riveting, etc.

News It's good to keep up with the current events. There are many, MANY news websites offering you something to moan/laugh about every other second. Alright, these are a few ways you can waste time online. You've just wasted your time reading this article about ways to waste your time online. Waste-ception, huh? 

Neat Websites There are many quiz-like websites, like Cheese or Font and the like. Our personal favorite is IKEA or Death (metal band). VITTSJÖ ROCKS.

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