8 tips for you to have a happy wife

How to

Unfortunately, 50% of marriages nowadays end in divorce. However, if you follow these simple rules to keep your wife pleased, your marriage will prosper and remain strong.

Respect her Of course it sounds obvious, but sometimes a man under stress can forget even such easy things. Always praise and support her and under no circumstances degrade her in front of other people. Make everything possible to fulfill her wishes and needs.

Manage Your Home Being a proper homemaker is a difficult task if you have kids or your wife also works. Help your partner out: wash the dishes, cook a dinner or assign your children with simple tasks.

Don’t Fall Asleep While Being Angry This rule appeals also when leaving home. After you had a fight, find a way solve it, especially before falling asleep and leaving for work. Discuss your problems and issues, even if it may take some time. After forgiving each other, leave it all behind. Holding a grudge won’t do your relationship any good.

Women Love Being Special Keep the magic and fire alive, especially when you have already been married for some time. Make your partner feel special, go out on dates, give her presents on every occasion, buy her flowers without any reason. The best presents are not always the most expensive ones, but are given with care and love. There are many sites where you can order special gifts.

Always Look Good It is always pleasant to spend time with a neat person. Wear fresh and cute clothes even if you are having a day off.

Go out Together Send the kids to grandparents and spend some time just the two of you. Go to a movie or a restaurant.

Have Sex Don’t set aside your sex life and make love whenever it is possible. Regular intimacy lets the spark of your marriage keep going.

Trust Her Even if previous partner has hurt you, trust your wife. Don’t spy and check her phone, when she is away. Give her your trust and she will return it.

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