5 Tips For Parents During Flu Season


People catch flu annually, but this year’s flu season seems to be the worst one of the last decade. The epidemic has spread to at least 46 states and has already killed 53 children! Children with chronic health problems are at highest risk. However, healthy children are susceptible to the disease too, because their immune system hasn’t reached full maturity. So, if you are a parent, you need to know how to help children your during the flu season.

Keep your child at rested

The young organism employs much of its energy fighting the flu virus. Therefore, if your child has flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, stuffy nose, sore throat), allow him or her to sleep as much as possible. You can also encourage your child to have relaxed pastime, such as reading a book or a magazine, listening to quiet music or watching a favorite movie. Keeping influenza-infected children home helps them recover as well as prevents spreading the illness.

Get your child to drink more water

Fever causes fluid loss and drinking plenty of fluids alleviates or even prevents fever. So offer your child lots of water, juices and soup and he or she will get better!

Seek medical care

Influenza-infected children younger than one year old need to be hospitalized. The treatment of older children depends on the gravity of the disease. Sometimes flu can progress rapidly. If your child keeps a fever of 102 degrees or higher for more than 12 hours, call the doctor. Other dangerous symptoms of the disease include trouble breathing, chest pain, blue lips, vomit, dizziness, difficulty urinating. If you have noticed any of these symptoms, bring your child immediately to the emergency room or call 911! You should be very attentive to your child, even when he or she seems to be getting better. Fever and cough can return suddenly. In this case you also need to seek medical care.

Get your child vaccinated

It is important not only to treat the infection, but to prevent it from occurring. One of the best ways to protect children from the disease is vaccination. Vaccination reduces flu as well as helps people of all ages get over the disease quickly. So if you child hasn't gotten a flu yet, you really need to vaccinate him or her now!

Teach your child to wash hands

It’s a very simple and very useful rule, especially now. Washing hand with soap several times a day will prevent the spread of the infection. In addition, clean your home and wipe down all frequently touched surfaces with household cleaner. This will also protect your family from the flu.

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