5 easy ways to keep up with your new year’s resolution

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January 2018 is gone already and most of us are still wondering how to get our things on the right track in order to start our year properly. We all want that kind of positive change in our lives. New year mainly means that we have a new chance to change something for the better. Just like all things, our new year resolutions always sound cool in theory, but do they apply the same level of coolness in reality? Nobody knows how exact or realistic these resolutions really are but it seems to be a common habit for most people to abandon them throughout the year. How can we maintain a stable level of rigor in order to achieve our goals?


1.Set realistic goals


If you have already started to lose hope about your chances of achieving the new year's resolutions in time, just think that you can regain your hope by establishing new and realistic goals. Being more realistic will help you keep control and maintain the balance of your actions. If you are aiming to end your relation with junk food, for some it will be an easy task while for others this will become a real burden. Instead of setting such hard goals overnight, simply start quitting gradually, day by day until you eventually reach the full goal.

Setting huge goals in very short notice may lead to failure. Know your capabilities and don't aim for unachievable goals.


2. Keep yourself accountable


Thanks to new technology and mainly to the Internet, you now have a numerous amount of apps that could help you with setting your goals better. There are apps to keep track of your working routine, daily calories, non smoking days, organizational skills, financial assistants to keep track of your spending, almost any type of app you can think off. All available for free. In case you can't find such an app to meet your demands, maybe a good idea for your next resolution would be to create yourself a new app.

If you don't like gadgets and you find the online tech useless, think of the old fashioned tools like the pen and paper. Keep a journal with all your information about the progress so you can always check it in case you feel like something's wrong.


3. Reward yourself after milestones


Do you feel slimmer? Go buy yourself a new dress! Managed to stay away from soda drinks? Go get a massage! Rewarding yourself with little gifts will encourage you to continue with an optimistic thought on your mind. You can always plan rewards in advance for every little milestone you reach. You will feel more excited and happy to reach them on time.


4. Share your experiences


Our close ones can be a real support when in need to stay on the right path. Don't hesitate to include your beloved ones in your plans. Tell them about your plans, let them know about the changes you want to make and allow them to provide advice when the situation asks for it. Keeping your friends informed will help you with so many things. For example, if you want to stop drinking that much, having your friends to always invite you out will never help. Be honest with them and make sure they will listen to your desires. They can even take part in your milestone game as well!


5. Keep a positive mental attitude


Overall, if you manage to maintain a positive state of mind and an optimistic thinking, things will settle for themselves. When faced with important life changes, everyone feels down and weak. That's life and sometimes we feel that way. We are not perfect and we are exposed to such emotions. Maybe your loss weight plans are not going exactly as desired, maybe you gave up for one cigarette - no problem. It happens, we all make mistakes, but we can never allow these mistakes to take control of our lives.


An old Chinese saying states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Even if you fail to achieve some steps in your goal, you still managed to move forward, that doesn't mean you have to stop.


When the day ends, we all need to admit that these changes are only for our better good. While we may not enjoy working out or getting rid of an old habit, thinking in long term steps, it will prove we were right with our decisions. Although January is gone already, the year has another eleven months ahead. Stick to your goals and turn your 2018 into an unforgettable one!


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